You Are an Ultimate Runner

TCTC Ultimate Runner on Saturday, June 25, 2022, at Bob Sosnik Track, Hanes Park in Winston Salem, NC. (Photo by Robert Hill)

For a summer evening race, it wasn’t especially hot. 

Clouds kept the sun from shining too brightly and an occasional breeze blew through the trees and offered a cooling moment to runners.

Sandy Wetherhold made his customary speech and attempted a dramatic on-site burning of an unearned 2021 T-shirt. While the attempt did NOT go up in smoke, the crowd appreciated the effort nonetheless.

Photo by Robert Hill

The g
reat Bob Sosnik watched on approvingly from the side of his track, and two gents stole everyone’s hearts with their grit and determination.

Volunteers shepherded runners to the starting line and the timing table … and the water table.

Nearly 100 runners proved their mettle in race after race, flying around the track in an impressive demonstration of grace, athleticism and sportsmanship.

Just another running of TCTC’s Ultimate Runner.

A few results

Overall female winners:

  • Chandler Welsh
  • Maddie Hunter
  • Jackie Wilson

Overall male winners:

  • Wil Zahorodny
  • Joseph Petersen
  • Caleb Bayne

Youngest runner: Cora Faulkner, 8 years old
Oldest runner: Dick Rosen, 91 years old

Fastest mile, male: 4:38, Wil Zahorodny
Fastest mile, female: 5:15, Chandler Welsh

Fastest 800, male: 2:12, Wil Zahorodny
Fastest 800, female: 2:29, Chandler Welsh

Fastest 400, male: 52:08, Wil Zahorodny
Fastest 400, female: 1:04:01, Chandler Welsh

Fastest 100, male: 10, Wil Zahorodny
Fastest 100, female: 13.7, Chandler Welsh

Fastest 5K, male: 18:22, Joseph Petersen
Fastest 5K, female: 20:13, Chandler Welsh