TCTC Destination Race: Greenville Half Marathon & 5K

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Greenville, South Carolina, the Greenville Half Marathon, AKA “The Swamp Rabbit Race,” offers a unique and exhilarating experience for both seasoned runners and enthusiasts alike. The race takes participants on a journey through the scenic Swamp Rabbit Trail, weaving through the heart of the city and its surrounding natural beauty. This annual event has become a celebrated tradition, attracting runners from across the country who are eager to combine their love for running with the charm of Greenville’s landscapes. TCTC’s own Nathan Beamguard and Keith Miller ran the race in 2023 and offer some perspective about their experiences.

At the heart of the Greenville Half Marathon is the iconic Swamp Rabbit Trail. Stretching for nearly 20 miles along the Reedy River, this multi-use greenway was once a railroad corridor that connects Greenville with the nearby town of Travelers Rest. The trail, named after the indigenous swamp rabbit, offers a mix of urban and natural landscapes, showcasing the best of Greenville’s vibrant city life and serene countryside.  Nathan says, “The first three miles of the course have some rolling ups and downs, but nothing too bad for people used to running in Winston. The last ten miles are flat/gently downhill on a mostly straight paved rail trail greenway. There is a short and steep climb off the greenway up to a cross street right near the end of mile 13. A PR course for sure!”

Nathan Beamguard

The route is carefully designed to showcase the diversity of Greenville’s landscapes, incorporating both urban and natural elements. There will be no rest in Travelers Rest for those starting their half marathon journey. The race kicks off in that small town early Saturday morning. As they traverse the Swamp Rabbit Trail, participants are treated to breathtaking views of the Reedy River, lush greenery, and charming bridges that connect the various sections of the trail. The trail’s well-maintained paths provide a comfortable surface for runners, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable race experience. “It was fun starting out in suburbs and running into town and ending up at a nice little city park,” adds Keith.

Keith Miller

The race offers various divisions, including elite, age group, and team categories (no awards for the team category, but definitely some bragging rights!), catering to a wide range of participants. Whether you are a seasoned runner aiming for a personal best or a first-timer seeking to conquer the half marathon distance, the Greenville Half Marathon provides a supportive and encouraging environment. Notes Beamguard, “My favorite aspect of the race is the highly competitive field racing on a fast course.”  Indeed, this race is billed as “The Fastest Half Marathon in the South”!

One of the highlights of the Greenville Half Marathon is the overwhelming community spirit that permeates the event. Local residents and businesses come together to cheer on the participants, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and encouragement. The race not only celebrates the athleticism of its participants but also fosters a sense of community pride and unity.  Both Keith and Nathan say there are a lot of great restaurants and bars downtown, a scenic suspension bridge (The Liberty Bridge) within a lovely riverwalk area, and plenty of shops and things to do … all within walking distance of the finish line and lots of hotels/AirBnBs.

As runners cross the finish line, they are welcomed by the jubilant cheers of spectators and fellow participants. The post-race celebration is a festive occasion, complete with music, food trucks, and awards ceremonies. Runners can share their triumphs and experiences with one another, creating lasting memories and forging connections that go beyond the race itself.  When asked if they would run and/or recommend this race, both runners indicated an enthusiastic YES to both questions and rated the race an 8 or 9 out of 10.  Keith and Nathan have both registered to run with TCTC at the race in 2024.

The Greenville Half Marathon, set against the backdrop of the Swamp Rabbit Trail, is a celebration of athleticism, community, and the natural beauty of Greenville. The combination of an engaging course, diverse landscapes, and a supportive community makes this event a must-experience for any avid runner. Whether you’re a local looking to showcase your hometown pride or a visitor seeking a unique racing experience, the Greenville Half Marathon promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of South Carolina.

Join TCTC as we embark on a HARE raising experience!! This is our first destination race of 2024 and we would love to have YOU join us!  You don’t have to be fast, just be ready to have a good time!

The race is scheduled for February 24 with both a half marathon distance and a 5K. Sign up now and receive $10 OFF the registration price with our discount code: TWINCITY24.

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If you have any questions about the trip, feel free to contact me at: [email protected].

See you in Greenville!!  Hare we go!!