Running With Friends

My introduction to the Twin City Track Club came through finding a running group on Meetup. I had started running a few years earlier and the group I ran with initially had disbanded. Running with others helps motivate me—and make running more enjoyable.

I run with a Saturday morning group, the 11-12 minute mile pace. We meet at 7:30 at Reynolda Gardens. It’s a varied group, from new runners to Boston Marathon alums who need to build up miles to seasoned runners who need a recovery run at the end of the week. But mostly, it’s a group of people who are trying to get or stay strong, who want to start off their weekend on a healthy note (with a reward of doughnuts afterward!), who want to encourage others in their own journeys.

There are days when I roll out of bed and think, “Do I really want to run today?” It would be nice to sit on the deck with a cup of coffee and the paper and just ease my way into Saturday. There are days (well, most days) when I climb that hill at the halfway point and dream fondly of plopping down in the shade. 

But as I climb that hill, as I pause at our water break spot, as I round that final corner, I hear my sweaty comrades cheering me on. I see them circle back to run with me because we don’t drop runners. I finish with a whimper more often than a bang and receive multiple high fives. I run with friends who want me to keep growing and who are willing to run a few miles alongside me each week.

That is a priceless gift.

TCTC’s mission is to inspire and support all runners in our community and its vision is to build a healthy and socially connected community through running events, activities, support and information. Running groups are a great way to accomplish these goals. If you’re interested in joining a group, there are many options. And I can personally vouch for the joy they bring.

Happy running!

Sheri Masters
[email protected]