Member Spotlight: Marlena Westcott

My name is: Marlena Westcott

But I’m also known as: Blue

To sum myself up in a nutshell: I’m working on getting better at everything.

I’m originally from: Philadelphia

I’ve been in Winston-Salem: 25 years

A proud member of Twin City Track Club since …  not sure, 2019?

Been a “runner” since: 1990-ish

The longest distance I’ve ever run is: 26.2 miles

My motivation to run is: To stay physically and mentally well for as long as I can

But when I’m not running, I enjoy: Visiting our 3 kids in whatever city they’re doing things, science outreach, hiking, walking the dogs, saving the planet, watching ACC basketball (go WFU, UNC and VT!), Sunday spaghetti with family and friends

One thing running has taught me is … When it gets hard there’s always a finish, so step it up at the end

I wish I could … Save the rest of the trees in this town

Most people don’t know that I’m a microbiologist and incurable science nerd.

Memorable running experiences:

  • Rave run: From Phila Art Museum through Fairmount Park
  • Race: Mt Desert Island marathon
  • Tough run and/or I’d rather forget: 3 times around Salem Lake in preparation for the above

These are a few of my favorite running things:

  • Vice: Actual running socks, thanks John
  • Device: Apple watch
  • Advice: Stretch and drink lots of water before a run
  • Running footwear:  Brooks Ghosts
  • Pre-run/post run fuel: Pre, whatever’s there; post, Dough Joes cinnamon sugar donut