A Creative St. Patrick’s Day Run

I would like to give a huge “Thank You” to Colleen Sands and Hannah Boles for the job they have done as Activities Directors for TCTC.  I recently participated in the St. Patrick’s Day 4 leaf Clover Run, and I was reminded of how creative these two women have had to be when planning social activities for TCTC the past two years.

For many years, Connie Frye hosted the St. Patrick’s Day Hash Run. It was always a lot of fun and Connie was a fantastic host. However, this year’s event was another fun option to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and running. For those that did not participate, it was a run using QR codes. We scanned a code with our phones at the run “headquarters,” Fiddlin Fish brewery.  

The code gave us a clue to know where to run next. Each site had a QR code with another clue. We also were told to take selfies at each site. The run route finished back at Fiddlin’ Fish and, after showing our selfies proving we’d hit all the spots on the run, we were given a gold coin to use for a post-run beverage.

I invited a long-time friend and running partner to do the run with me. We met up with others on the run route and enjoyed meeting new people. One participant had just joined TCTC that morning and showed up on his own to run!  There was a good mix of long-time TCTCers and new members.  It was a beautiful afternoon to hang out after the run and enjoy a drink and conversation with friends.

At this event, I was also reminded of the time and effort that Colleen and Hannah have devoted to the track club. They manned a table at Fiddlin’ Fish for several hours to greet all the runners and ensure that everything ran smoothly.

So … thank you Colleen and Hannah for a fun afternoon in March and for all of the time you have dedicated to TCTC!