Tuesday Night Track Night

One of the many benefits to becoming a member of Twin City Track Club is having instant access to so many regularly scheduled runs throughout the week. Between TCTC and a few of the other clubs, there is a regularly scheduled run just about every day of the week.

One of these scheduled runs is Tuesday Night Track Night. As the title says, it takes place on Tuesday evenings, 6 p.m. at Hanes Park on the track under the tree with the set of stairs. Parking is available in the parking lot at the tennis courts across the street from the William G. White YMCA, then along the street on Sunset Drive, West End Boulevard, and part of Reynolda Road. 

Announcements are made weekly, typically either Monday evening or Tuesday morning, via a post in the Twin City Track Club Facebook page. The post includes the meeting time, location, and daily suggested workout for participants.

We often hear that a common concern of newcomers to the group is that they feel they may be judged since they are running in ovals and are visible at pretty much all times. Let us lay those rumors to rest. Track night, like any other run event, is a judgment-free zone. All paces and abilities are welcomed. The group is supportive and positive of everyone’s efforts, but everyone is also busy trying to focus on their own workout. Despite a workout being posted on a regular basis, runners are more than welcome to do their own thing at their own pace. 

Typically Track Night kicks off with the gathering to go over any upcoming events or check in with recent past events and introduce any newcomers. Then the workout is announced along with an announcement of the nightly routine for any newcomers not already familiar.

It’s off to the races from there with a warm up around the park or on the track. Once you have returned to the track, feel free to take a moment to catch your breath and begin your workout at your leisure. Once the workout is done, don’t forget about the cool down to prevent those muscles from tightening up. As more runners finish up their workout, the talk of Joymongers arises. Across the street on West End is a barrel hall that the group likes to gather at post workout to enjoy some food and drinks. All that running certainly will work up an appetite!

If you haven’t done so already, consider coming out to Tuesday Night Track Night to bring your training to the next level. The crowd is friendly and encouraging, a fantastic segue into meeting new people and pace groups whether you’re new to Twin City Track Club or running in general. There is no shortage of kindness to show you the way.