Welcome New Members November 2023

Welcome, New Members! Every month, we’ll be posting our new members. Below are the individuals who joined in November 2023, so let’s give them a warm TCTC welcome. Thank you for joining Twin City Track Club!

Learn more about joining Twin City Track Club here.
Bradley Chestnut
Samuel Crawford
Grace Dahlin
Gregory Dahlin
Noah Dahlin
Megan Diffenbaugh
Xavier Dover
Jaelyn Hicks
Julie Lanford
Emma Matthews
Chinedum  Obasi
James Pauley
Quinton Simones
Rebecca Simones
Saniyah Whaley
Mariana Wingood
Tyler Wingood
Claire Youmans
Donald Youmans
Elise  Youmans
Regina Youmans
Seth Youmans