New Member Spotlight: Rob Erhardt

Wake Forest statistics professor Rob Erhardt poses in his Manchester Hall office on Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

My name is: Rob Erhardt

But I’m also known as: Boring, I know, but just Rob.

To sum myself up in a nutshell: Husband for 20 years, parent for 12, statistics professor for 11, outdoor enthusiast for all of them!

I’m originally from: Pawling, NY.  It’s a small town out in the country in rural New York.  Most of my family is scattered around the Finger Lakes regions of New York State.

I’ve been in Winston-Salem: Since 2012.  We moved here from Saxapahaw, NC, where I lived during grad school.

Became a TCTC member because: I’ve been running in your events for years!  It took me a bit of time to fully appreciate the communal aspect of running, but now I am hooked.  I am looking to be more active with the club and meet more fellow runners in town.

Been a “runner” since: I ran a few half marathons with family and friends over the years, but it was sporadic.  In 2019, a friend in town asked if I would consider running the 2020 Marine Corps Marathon with him in Washington D.C.  I responded, “I’m not saying no right now.”  He translated as me saying “Yes.”  Honestly, I would do the same thing to him now!  COVID delayed the race twice, but we ran it virtually in 2020 (fun), ran an alternate marathon in Greenville, S.C. in 2021 (more fun), and then finally ran the Marine Corps Marathon in-person in D.C. in 2022 (most fun).

My motivation to run is: I love everything about running.  I love the way the early morning light looks.  I love the anxious energy runners display in the starting chute before a race.  I love feeling like a pace is hard, but possible.  I love when you can first hear the race announcer as you near the finish line.  I love the endless speculation of what went right (Shoes?  Training?  Sleep?) and what went wrong (Shoes?  Training?  Sleep?).

But when I’m not running, I enjoy: Travel, hiking, piano, Wake Forest soccer and basketball, and time with family and friends.