Hitting the Trails

Hobby Trails To You on Saturday, August 20, 2022, at Hobby Park in Winston Salem, NC. (Photo by Robert Hill)

If you look up Hobby Park online, you may be a bit confused. You’ll see numerous photos of airplanes. But it’s not an airport; there is a beautiful radio control airplane airfield, near a soap box derby hill, which makes the park a popular spot for hobbyists (get it?) of all kinds.

Planes were in flight on the morning of August 20, a gorgeous day for a trail race. And just over 100 runners showed up to run the trails for the Hobby Trails to You! race—the first in the 2022-23 Fit 4 Race Series.

The 5K and 10K runners took off down the same trail five minutes apart and soon diverged on separate paths through the woods. The narrow trail provided plenty of obstacles, from rocks to roots. As far as we know, no snakes joined the race. Runners crossed the sunny field from opposite directions to cross the finish line between the timing trailer and the airfield, one last push to finish a challenging race. “Y’all were sneaky at the end, there!” said Lesha Sabio, who won the women’s masters in the 10K.

Lesha Sabio, winner of the women’s masters for the 10K. Photo by Robert Hill

Placing first and second in the 5K were Victor Lopez of Kernersville and Lucia Ellis of Mocksville—just a second apart—both also taking first overall for men and women, respectively. And 13-year-old Clay Summers (pictured above) gave the seasoned runners some stiff competition, taking third overall and winning his age group.

Brent Ellis (left) and Victor Lopez (right), followed by Lucia Ellis. Photo by Robert Hill.

Joseph Pena was the top finisher in the 10K, followed by Clay’s dad Phillip less than a minute later. Heather Hugosson took the top spot in the women’s race.

Joseph Pena. Photo by Robert Hill
Heather Hugosson. Photo by Robert Hill.
Phillip Summers. Photo by Robert Hill.

The next Fit 4 Race Series race, another trail race, is less than a month away, Salem Lake Trail Races on September 24.

And while the thrill of the race is plenty to get excited about, the opportunity to support our charity partners—Down Syndrome Association of Greater Winston-Salem and the Winston-Salem Street School—is just an extra joy.