Healthy Fun for Everyone

TCTC Cook Medical Beat The Heat on Saturday, July 22, 2023, at Winston-Salem Fairgrounds in Winston-Salem, NC. (Photo by Robert Hill)

The heat of July seems a distant memory after the sub-freezing temps of the last week, but the work we all did then is paying dividends for the future because of the incredible generosity of competitors in this year’s Beat the Heat races.

Runners contributed money through the race to aid two local organizations in accomplishing their mission of supporting healthy living and a love of running. This year’s race brought in a record donation total of $12,977.52, enabling the Twin City Track Club to give generously.

Ainsley’s Angels of the Triad, a longtime TCTC partner, received a donation of $6,514.76, which will be used for equipment and support for their athletes, who bring joy to the Beat the Heat race, and multiple other races in the Triad, every year.

Community Care Center for Forsyth County Inc., a new partner this year, received $6,462.76, to help connect individuals in the Forsyth, Stokes, and Davie counties who are medically uninsured to opportunities for coverage.

We are grateful to all the runners who made these donations possible, and we look forward to continuing to support healthy fun for everyone in our community and beyond.