Why Run a Race on Black Friday?

TCTC Black Friday Relays on Friday, November 26, 2021, at Salem Lake in Winston-Salem, NC. (Photo by Robert Hill)

With our Thanksgiving meals finished and the season of holiday shopping well underway, why head out to Salem Lake for a race?

Perhaps the more important question is, why not?

The Black Friday Relays, a series of out and back 5K legs, took place on November 26 this year. It was the third in the Fit 4 or Forfeit Race Series, which ends with the Frosty Fifty on January 8. The first two races were Hobby Trails to You and the Salem Lake Race.

The group of runners who ventured out to run 10, 15 or 20K relays this year was a small but dedicated band. “This is real low key event,” says Bill Gibbs, who organized the race. “I think we were only people at the lake.”

But in a time when health and what we need to do to maintain it is on everyone’s mind, this simple event built on teamwork was a nice break, a good reset and a lovely way to begin the holiday season.