Welcome New Members April 2024

TCTC Summer Track Series May 31. 2023

Welcome, New Members! Every month, we’ll be posting our new members. Below are the individuals who joined in April 2024, so let’s give them a warm TCTC welcome. Thank you for joining Twin City Track Club!

Learn more about joining Twin City Track Club here.

Andrea  Adams
Jace Adams
Josiah Adams
Tamara Adams
Anna Perry Bryan
Fred Bryan
Jennifer Bryan
Heather Butner
David Darab
Nikki Dunn
Caleb Hungerford
Catie Jensen Gray
Adam Kline
Erin Kline
Charlotte Leape
Paige Macauley
Dominic Marazita
Zoe Marazita
Whitney Middlebrooks
Rich Miller
Keyla Mina
Seth Mischo
Michael Morgensen
Wendy Roberts Koeck
Buck Stubbs
Meredith Stubbs
Sheldon Ann Stubbs
William Stubbs
Linda Warshawsky
Ariel  Webb