The Time Has Come

This will be the final issue of the Twin City Track Club Flyer in printed form.

Since 1977, the Flyer has been written, published and mailed to each track club member. In the early years, the Flyer was the only way to find out about local races and their dates and times, upcoming track club events, recaps of past events, and race results. Through its entire 42-year history, the Flyer has featured articles by and about TCTC members, most entertaining, many informative, and others just downright funny. We have poked fun at ourselves and others in a very sensitive way. We have provided serious subjects, others have been not so serious, all this mixed in with a little sarcasm. We have had pen names such as Ghost Writer and Grumpy Old Runner whose real names go virtually unknown and we have had hundreds of articles written by folks brave enough to actually sign their own name. None of this this will change, only the format that it is in.

Now, from the Editor’s perspective, here are the advantages of going digital.

  • We can continue with the same race information, upcoming TCTC events, recaps of past events, race results and all those articles written by our track club members.
  • All of our photographs can now be in color.
  • We can add video.
  • We can provide links from the Contents page to the page you are interested in reading.
  • We can provide links to webpages where you can get more information about those items you are interested in.
  • You can access the Flyer from virtually anywhere.

I hope you see the advantages and are as excited as I am about this change. Please let me know how you feel by emailing me at or, even better, tell the club how you feel by writing an article about this change.

Robert Hill