Saturday Night Is Alright by Me

Reprinted from the TCTC Flyer, June 1989

The Inaugural Running of Coors Light Saturday Night Fever 5K June 3, 1989

On June 3, 1989, 375 runners successfully launched the first annual Coors Light Saturday night Fever 5K. With plenty of Coors Light at the finish and four taverns lined up for food, drink and entertainment, the evening hours beckoned to our tired, hungry and party deprived runners. The flat and fast TAC certified course was blazing as 90 degree temperatures failed to slow the party spirit of the growing crowd. With music provided by Lee Michaels of WMIX and microphone madness, mayhem and insanity courtesy of The Cowboy, the stage was set for an extraordinary evening. Prior to the start, Gator Aid and water were consumed in such massive quantities that race director Guy Oldaker (yes, the one whose eyes were fixed and dilated) got in his interval workout (10 X 800 in 2:25) by dashing to and fro between the RJR parking lot and Groves Stadium with 10 gallon containers. Even Bob Sosnik’s secret emergency supply of vintage drinking water (freshly dredged daily from the septic shores of Salem Creek) was used. This crowd looked like a group of Camels (no pun intended) readying themselves for a long trek across the desert.

At 6:00 PM, Bill “The Enforcer” Walker initiated our new 44 Super Magnum starter’s pistol (inducing personal temporary hearing loss) and sent everyone on their way. With the runners out of the gate, Walker and his handpicked SWAT crew of TCTC volunteers readied the chutes for the inevitable return.

As the last of the runners moved across the finish line, Dick Zeitvogel and Alpine Beverage Distributors could hardly keep up with the demand. The party continued with runners reflecting on their new PR or WC (who cares? Lets party!). A fine time was had by all as a large contingent of runners challenged to drain all remaining keys by 8:30. Finally, it was off to Tijuana Fats, Sports Club, Baity’s, and Corbins for a night of good, fun, relaxing and partying.

Special thanks go to race director czar Guy Oldaker for designing the T-shirt, making SNG+F happen and keeping it going. Bill Walker for certifying the course, superbly directing the finish line and the TCTC troops, James Fussell for directing race day registration and Bob Sosnik for his one handed, resourceful computer registration and brochure printing activities, providing AC current (cheaper than Duke Power) and spare drinking water from the toilet of the Urban Assault Vehicle (a.k.a. Sozmobile). Thanks also go to Sandy Wetherhold for taking care of getting the T-shirts printed in a real hurry.

Thanks to the support of our sponsor’s, Saturday Night Fever is a reality. They are Coors, Alpine Beverage Distributors, New Balance Shoes, Omega Sports, WMIX Radio, Baity’s, Corbins, Tijuana Fate Mexican Restaurant, and The Sports Club.

Most of all I would like to thank the TCTC runners and volunteers for supporting and participating in Saturday Night Fever. You made it happen and because you did, we’ll be back again to make the 1990 race bigger and better.