Presidents Message – November/December 2020

Staff and Students in the Master of Management in Clinical Informatics.

By Chris Tuohy

In the last flyer, I talked about music and how it can stimulate senses and memories. For our runs, we have our favorite songs and playlists that remind and inspire us about past great races and experiences. It is amazing how powerful and easily one’s neural connections recall those episodes and transmit

those emotional events. It is seamless to link a personal event to a song, what happened, and then be able to remember the exact year of the song through that nexus. But ask us to remember a birthdate, and many of have instant amnesia (your smartphone, however, now solves that problem).

 These are the same mental tricks the ancient Greeks and Romans used to link thoughts to locations in a building. The term, called a “memory palace,” was legendarily invented by Simonides of Ceos and popularized by Cicero, a Roman orator. The technique links data to places in a building for rapid and better recall. Interestingly, we do this instinctively and without deliberation with music, memories, and related emotions. I love the feelings from my childhood when

I hear songs that my dad played like “Cat’s in the Cradle,” “ High- wayman,” and Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Evita.” But other songs also remind me of painful things, too, like break-ups and other personal losses.

 The greatest beauty of music is the way it paints and adds sound to our life. And those sounds can be so unique. Unfortunately, one of the most innovative and inventive creators of my youth, Eddie Van

Halen, recently died. He created original sounds on his guitar with  a technical style that popularized a new direction for rock and roll guitarists. I am not a musician, but it was fascinating to read the accolades from so many of his talented contemporaries that were influenced by him. So, his passing inspired me to create a new run- ning playlist with songs that blew me away the first time I heard a particular guitar riff, bass line, or drum solo. Enjoy and let me know

yours, too (for my fellow slackers, if your playlist came from a Maxell cassette “mix” tape played in a Walkman, that is even better!).

 Crazy Train-Ozzy Osbourne

Kashmir-Led Zeppelin

Bizarre Love Triangle-New Order Where the Streets Have No Name-U2 Bangarang-Skrillex

Cherry-coloured Funk-Cocteau Twins

Biko-Peter Gabriel

Born to Run-Bruce Springsteen

Lose Yourself-Eminem

Down Rodeo-Rage against the Machine

Song 2-Blur

Jump into the Fire-Metallica Bird Set Free-Sia

Give it Away-Red Hot Chili Peppers

When Doves Cry-Prince

Head like a Hole-Nine Inch Nails

Brain Stew-Green Day

Ball and Biscuit-The White Stripes

In the Air Tonight-Phil Collins

 And, of course —Unchained-Van Halen