President’s Message – July/August 2019

Self Photos on Monday, August 3, 2020, at Home in Winston-Sakem, NC. (Photo by Robert Hill)

By: Robert Hill

July 1 marks the beginning of Twin City Track Club’s fiscal year and the beginning of service for several new board members. Before mentioning these new folks, I would like to offer my gratitude to the outgoing board members:

  • Karen Preli,
  • Christina Hussey
  • Blair Harris
  • Renee Paquin
  • Emily Hoar
  • Jennifer Morgan

These members worked long and hard over the last year to make all our club efforts successful. Special thanks go to Karen Preli and Emily Hoar, both of whom are multi-year board members. A special thank you also goes to Dennis McNeil, last year’s president. Dennis did a great job guiding the efforts of the board and seeing that the track club remained financially strong. We are lucky to have Dennis again this year in the past president’s role, providing us with his wisdom gained through his experience over the last year.

Now I would like to welcome the new board members for fiscal year 2019-2020:

  • Kathy Jacobs
  • Mark Uren
  • Gini Piekarski
  • Mary Good
  • Mary Kate Choat

I am excited about having these new board members as I am sure they will bring new insights and ideas to our organization. When you see them out and about, be sure and welcome them to the board and thank them for their service.

These new folks will join a group of veterans that have honed their skills and expertise over multiple years on the board. I am honored to have my name associated with this talented group of club members.

  • Robert Hill
  • Chris Tuohy
  • Teresa Inman
  • Er Ralston
  • Bill Walker
  • Liz Handing
  • Dennis McNeil
  • Terry Wilmoth

As this fiscal year begins, one of my goals is to see many new faces at our numerous events. If you are new to the club and would like a change from your day to day running and are the least bit social, a hash run is the event for you! If your interests lean more to the service aspect of the club, then consider volunteering for one of our races, such as Ultimate Runner, Salem Lake Trail Races, Hobby Trails or Frosty Fifty. If volunteering is not your thing, then by all means, take part by running in the race. Last, but by far not least, I would like to see you at our totally social events such as TCTC Night at the Dash, our Spring Picnic, Our Winter Seminar, and our Holiday Party.

Again, I hope to see you all, old and new members, on the road, at a race, at a picnic, or at a party and to quote Sergeant Stan Jablonski, “Hey, let’s be careful out there.”