Play Ball!

One of the perks of being a Track Club member is receiving a FREE ticket to a Winston-Salem Dash baseball game. It’s always a fun time to spend with friends, watching a ball or two being hit over the fence, and seeing the club name on the marquee in center field. And usually the Dash win!

(Could there be a correlation between Twin City Track Club attendance and the Dash winning?  Hmmm … )

But is that ticket really FREE?

Well … yes and no.

YES, it is “free” to members since it is a “member perk” and no extra cost is paid by the member.

But NO, because the club pays for the ticket. These tickets are not given to the club.

Each year our Activities Committee selects a date for a home game and works out a discount with the Dash. Then we ask our members to register on RunSignup so we know how many tickets to purchase. The next step is writing the Dash a BIG check based on how many people register. Finally, we set up a table outside the box office on game day and wait for our members to stop by and pick up their game tickets. And we wait … and we wait … and … we … wait.

For the last two years we have seen an increase in the number of people who register for the game, but then never show up. In 2021 and 2022, we had 104 and 121 members, respectively, who registered to be at the game, and a ticket was purchased for each of them. Let’s say that 25% of the members decided not to show up. That means the club wasted $286 in 2021 and $333 in 2022 on unused tickets. That’s a total of $619 that could have been spent for other member benefits.

So how can we fix this and how can members help?

The preferred, easiest and most fun way for members to help is simply to come to the game if you register. The next would be to make your final decision prior to the purchase deadline we are given by the Dash. Email us and let us know that your plans have changed, and you won’t be able to attend. Last-minute change?  We’d still love for you to let us know so we can possibly ask the Dash for a refund or donate them to a local charity or organization.

Thank you for helping us use the Twin City Track Club resources wisely.

Happy Running!!

TCTC Board of Directors