New Member Spotlight: Our 800th Member Alexis Marion

Since 1977, the Twin City Track Club has promoted running and healthy lifestyles in our community. Over the nearly 50 past years, we’ve welcomed hundreds of local running enthusiasts into our ranks. We are honored and delighted to welcome Lexi as our 800th member this month. As a young runner, she represents the future of running in our club and our city. Welcome, Lexi!

My name is: My name is Alexis Marion, but I’m know as Lexi.

To sum myself up in a nutshell: I love to run and i also love animals, too. I’m also normally pretty quiet until you get to know me.

And I’m originally from: Winston-Salem, NC. I’ve lived near Winston-Salem for 15 years.

 Became a TCTC member because: My coach signed me up so I could further my training and love for running.

Been a “runner” since: For about 4 years.

My motivation to run is: For Jesus, but also to make my teammates and coaches proud. I also run to clear my mind.

But when I’m not running, I enjoy: Spending time with my friends and family, and my dogs. I also enjoy going on walks and baking occasionally.