New Member Spotlight: Charlotte Brown

Charlotte Brown and her husband Jack hiking at Kiruna, Sweden, inside the Arctic Circle.

My name is: Charlotte Brown

To sum myself up in a nutshell: I’m new to Winston Salem, just moved to Ardmore with my husband. I like to run (obviously!), travel, cook and talk about food. I’m trying to make friends in the area and make this feel like home.

I’m originally from: I grew up in Orlando, Florida, but I’ve lived the last 7 years in Washington, D.C.

I’ve been in Winston-Salem: For about 6 months

Became a TCTC member because: I wanted to meet people in WS and form a community!

Been a “runner” since:  I ran on and off for many years, but I really became a consistent runner when I was working a stressful 2016 election cycle and running became my stress outlet, and I have never looked back.

My motivation to run is: The way it makes me feel! Running makes me better in all areas of my life.

But when I’m not running, I enjoy: Traveling, making friends, watching Law & Order: SVU reruns and trying new recipes.