Member Spotlight: Robby Trosan

My name is: Robby Trosan

I’m originally from: Winston Salem, but just moved back from New York at the beginning of 2020.

A proud member of Twin City Track Club since: December 2021!

The longest distance I’ve ever run is: Marathon

My motivation to run is: My dopamine addiction 

One thing running has taught me is: Patience

I wish I could: Run forever

Memorable running experiences

Race: NYC Half Marathon 2019 was my first ever race and I had only been running for three months. My goal was under two hours and it was my first taste of that feeling of accomplishment after meeting your goals.

These are a few of my favorite running things

Running footwear: Lately I’ve been loving the FuelCell Foam in New Balance. 

Pre-run/post-run fuel: Any run over an 1.5 hours I eat a honey stinger waffle before it.