Member Spotlight: David Arnold

My name is: David Arnold

To sum myself up in a nutshell: Family guy that gets up crazy early with my wife Kristen, She gyms it and I go for a run. My wife & I together have 4 children ages Kaitlyn 20, Hannah 19, Ian 17, Justin 9

And I’m originally from; Winston Salem

I’ve been in Winston-Salem and the Triad area all my life. I went to North Davidson High school and in my mid 20s moved to Kernersville

A proud member of Twin City Track Club since: 2019

Been a “runner” since:  2019

The longest distance I’ve ever run is: 13.1 miles

Memorable running experiences

  • Rave run: All by myself recently. I started running with no intentions of running 13.1, but I just kept clicking off the miles and before I knew it I knew I had to get back home and could turn it into a half marathon! I was over the moon as my previous long was 11 miles. 
  • Race:  I’ve only ran one race, the July 4, 2021, Kernersville 5K. I do plan on running a half this spring, Maybe Myrtle Beach or Wilmington.
  • Gone postal run and/or I’d rather forget: I had drunk two 20-ounce Red Bulls one day and was feeling extra “motivated.” I was “gassed” after a mile and half and had to walk/run the mile and half back home.

My motivation to run is: I’ve lost more than 90 pounds since May 2019 because of running and change of diet. I was never a runner before! I couldn’t run a quarter mile without walking. I’ve overcome so much mentally! Each run us a mental wall breaker! 

But when I’m not running, I enjoy: Being with my wife, children and providing for my family through my job as a commercial insurance risk advisor

One thing running has taught me is: You can always do more than you think you can. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

I wish I could: Believe more in myself. I still don’t consider myself a runner but here we are… 

Most people don’t know I: Used to weigh almost 300 pounds.

These are a few of my favorite running things

Vice: Getting up early and that first mile

Device: AFtershokz, Garmin watch, cold weather gear, Noxgear

Advice: Give yourself room for grace. You will not be at your best every day and that’s OK! Stay consistent and take a day off when needed either physically or mentally. 

Running footwear:  Brooks Ghost, Hyperion Tempo

Pre-run/post run fuel: Joint Vibrance juice with BCAA powder mixed  in.