Board Member John

John Anderson – Vice President

John joined the Twin City Track Club shortly after moving to Winston-Salem in 1999. He jumped into leadership not long after, previously serving on the Board from 2006 to 2010 in the roles of Treasurer and President. 

A (mostly) lifelong runner, he’s run 33 marathons, at least one a year since 1997, with 20 sub-3s (aka the Double Sandman), although those days are long past. 

He still holds his high school’s record in the 2 mile (yeah, they did that back in the day), a record which will never be broken because they closed the school!

John has four kids scattered throughout the country, three of whom currently show little interest in running but will probably discover it once they feel the metabolic effects of middle age.

John Anderson still holds his high school record for the 2 mile, partially because they closed the school!