Board Member Bill

Twin City Track Club - Cook Medical Beat The Heat 5K on Saturday, July 20, 2019, in Winston-Salem, NC. (Photo by Robert Hill)

Bill Gibbs – Race Timing

For Bill Gibbs, it all began with a bet and a $20 prize.

In 1994, a friend bet Bill that he could run faster than him To prove his speed, Bill entered the Planters for Fitnuts race—a precursor to the Beat the Heat race. He won a prize—$20—and gained a community. The racing season has been an integral part of his life ever since.

Bill initially joined the track club simply to get the race discount, but the club is now an immensely satisfying part of his life and his running. In fact, other than bringing a puppy into his home—Lewis—he considers joining the track club one of the best things he’s ever done.

He’s very excited about his new role taking charge of race timing—and working to make the club a welcoming place for new members like it has been for him. He is also very involved in this year’s Fit 4 or Forfeit series, which has increased importance to him this year. See “Fit 4 or Forfeit—With a Special Touch” on page 15 to learn more about the race and its significance to Bill this year.

Outside of his TCTC responsibilities, Bill is very involved in … running. In fact, since 2012 his life has been dedicated to running in a variety of ways. He works for JDL Fast Track and has coached at Crazy Running—a program for young athletes—and Redeemer Presbyterian Church. His life and the racing schedule work in sync. He has more than 200 race shirts, even after giving several away. He has completed marathons in under 3 hours for 13 consecutive years.

Now that COVID concerns are beginning to recede a bit, Bill is more than ready to get back to racing. He loves the competition and hates to lose, but after the year we’ve all had and an especially challenging personal year, Bill is more aware than ever of what in this life is truly valuable. And he appreciates the gift of a good run with like-minded people.