All Eyes on North Carolina

Mark your calendars now; there’s a world-class sporting event heading our way.

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) voted in January to confirm the selection of North Carolina USA as Host of the 2029 FISU World University Games, scheduled for that summer.

The World University Games are the world’s largest event for student athletes and the second-largest global multi-sport event, second only to the Olympic Games. Held every other year in the odd year, the Games feature the best collegiate and university athletes from around the globe. The North Carolina event will feature more than 7,000 athletes and officials and take 20,000 volunteers to make it happen.

The first official FISU games took place in Italy in 1959. The North Carolina games, which will be based in the Research Triangle, will be the second time the United States has hosted the summer games. The first and only other U.S. summer event was in Buffalo in 1993. The summer games have been held every odd year since 1959, with the exception of the games in 1970 and the 2021 games, which were canceled due to COVID-19. The winter games, initially held every even year, have twice been held in the U.S., both times in Lake Placid, in 1972 and 2023.

Interested in being a volunteer for this prestigious event? Learn more here.